All quiet on the ‘Cong front…

July 30th, 2010 by FatRat

Argh life really has gotten in the way of ratCong lately. I’ve not been able to work on many animations at all in the last year or so – this is due to growing up and all that crap, having a job takes up too much bloody time! Anyway, it’s not all bad news, as I have recently started a blog with a friend of mine, and we’re posting things on there really quite frequently. You should check it out, especially if you like games and movies:

World Cup Game

July 2nd, 2010 by FatRat

Well, England are out of this year’s World Cup now, so this isn’t very relevant anymore. But it’s something I helped produce at my work and its quite fun – Safari Shootout! Go play it here and enter a score into our little chart thing…

Safari Shootout

As for other projects, I’m still working on several things! And Th1rt3en made a new animation recently, so I’ll get that on here sometime.

I “finished” something

April 6th, 2010 by FatRat

I made an Easter game! Just in time to be late for Easter, too. A workmate and I have put together this little easter game and I figured I’d post it on here in its current state for you to play. I’m hoping to get a real coder to help me put this thing together properly as right now its bodged together in AS2 using¬†ancient hit boxes and about 500¬†tweens. Still, its functional.

Bunny Game

The same workmate and I are also making something totally new and maybe exciting…something to look forward to, maybe…more info when its ready to be revealed!

Games will save the world

March 19th, 2010 by FatRat

This is brilliant – this woman explains why we should play more games, not for fun, but in order to evolve our species to the next level. Sounds ridiculous, but she clearly has done a lot of research, and I was pretty convinced by the end of it, hehe.

Jane Mmcgonigal – Gaming can make a better world

This reminds me of another article I saw which explained how gamers will save the world…definitely worth a read, because as insane as the concept seems, it’s actually pretty thought-provoking.

How Gamers will Save the World

Now excuse me while I go blow up some more buildings in Bad Company 2…

Evangelion 2.0

February 12th, 2010 by FatRat

I’m off to Scotland (road trip, yeah!) this weekend. A bunch of mates and I are going to Glasgow to see the first UK screening of Evangelion 2.0 – loved the original series way back when, and they are releasing these new movies as a sort of remake-spin-off-cash-in type thing. It looks damn good, check out the trailer. The animation looks decent, and I’m hoping for a ton of action (you can’t beat anime explosions :D ) as well as the over-the-top angsty drama this show is renowned for…

Some time later…

January 21st, 2010 by FatRat

…and it’s done! Finally. Yes, I did mean to release this version of ratCong quite some time ago, and its been nearly-ready for months, but at last its here in all its glorious glory. Its got Wordpress crammed within its shiney new walls, and you can even leave comments if that’s your sort of thing. Explore and enjoy. Oh yes.

Oh, and check out some new animations by Th1rt3en, they can be found on the Animations page.


July 31st, 2009 by FatRat

Hoorayfulness its ratCong version 5 – now with Wordpress awesomeness. Yet again I’ve updated the site to allow easier updates, but every time I’ve done that in the past it hasn’t really made much difference…

Oh well, lets just see how this goes…